Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss and Meal Replacement

Chances are you’ve been interested in the Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss and Meal Replacement, but you’re just not sure what to choose.

You go into any supplement or vitamin store online or in real life, and it just seems like you are inundated with products from left to right and being sold this, that and the other thing by another jacked gym bro.

Yeah, I was tired of it too. I am an overweight guy, and I am about tired of it. I took my girlfriend to an amusement park a year ago and I could not fit on one of the rides. Yeah. Talk about embarrassing.

My name is Steven. I’m head of IT for a local startup incubator. I mostly sit around all day and work on my computer, sometimes taking visits to the workstations of various employees to help with their needs.

It’s a high-stress job, so I just eat what I can find during the day and forget the rest. I just packed on the pounds over the years-ten years out of high school and I am 50 lbs. heavier than when I left. That amusement park thing really set me off and I knew I needed to make a change.

My girlfriend is lovely and doesn’t need to change a thing, but she expressed interested in doing it with me. So, I went looking for a good protein powder for her, too.

And like you would guess, I was overwhelmed with the different offerings there were for women.Thankfully, I have the answer. And I was really glad to have found it!

Our Journey To Finding The Best Powder

Nina and I (she’s my girlfriend) are not fitness people in the least. We just never really gave it much thought. We didn’t know where to start to get going, so we began by joining our local gym. We went there every morning for an hour, walking on treadmills, riding bikes, you name it. That felt pretty good.

We also knew that eating less and focusing on healthy foods was the key. So, we cleaned out all the junk in our house and replaced it with good stuff.

Well, stuff I thought was good. I figured some cereals were good for you. Truth is, they are, but you can’t eat a giant bowl of it like I was. Special K is good, but only in small amounts!

I did not know what the heck to do for the hunger I felt after these morning workouts. Some research showed me that protein is the way to control your hunger and keep those cravings at bay.

I had always seen people walking around with their blender bottles full of nutrition shakes and the like at the local gym, so I picked up a couple of those plastic bottles with the little wire ball inside and took them home.

I got on my tablet and started trying to weed out what the best protein powder was for myself and Nina.I ordered one that claimed it tasted like chocolate banana. It arrived, a small tub of powder. I mixed it up and took it with me the next morning.

I left it in our car (it’s cold where we live right now-it was like a fridge in there) alongside Nina’s that she had mixed up. We did our routine and showered up, then left and climbed into the car. We opened the bottles and tasted the shake.

It was… okay. It kind of tasted like chocolate banana, but mostly like some grainy powder with some cocoa powder mixed in. Nina did not like it and pinched her nose, gulping it down.

I laughed it off but felt really bad. Nina laughed too. Later on, in the day we texted each other to see how we were doing. Nina felt good, but I was already getting hungry only 2 hours after consuming that shake. Not exactly what I wanted to do. I cracked open a protein bar, drank a bottle of water and made the best of it.

I gradually finished out that jar of chocolate banana shakes by myself, Nina ended up trying another shake of her own. This time, she had the problem I had-it just left her feeling hungry after a few hours.

Fixing It

I am not going to go into detail and disparage the names of the companies whose shakes we consumed. However, I would like to point out the problems I ran into as a newbie:

  • Protein consumed was not enough in the shakes’ formulas
  • I did not mix anything in with it
  • I did not choose a powder for men and women specifically, instead I took a one size fits all approach

I eventually found out some better protein powders that gave me the results I wanted and kept us both feeling satisfied and feeling good as the day went on.

What Did I Choose For My Meal Replacement?


I ended up going with a protein isolate by TransparentLabs. It’s just called 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate. This had the protein I needed to stay feeling good and full throughout the day so that I did not mindlessly snack when I got even the smallest inkling to do so.

You get 30 scoops in one container, and the price you pay is less than all the snacks I’d buy out of the vending machine each morning in conjunction with my daily Starbucks.

It’s got only 120 calories (less than my giant Special K bowl by far!) and it tastes pretty decent. I won’t lie and tell you it tastes like a milk chocolate shake, but it’s not terrible.

I mix in some peanut butter or a banana some days to make it better. I drink this after the gym at 9 AM and feel pretty good until about 2 or 3 PM, when I head to the fridge to get my salad and eat my protein bar.

Then we end the night with a small but satisfying dinner of a chicken breast, brown rice and some veggies around 7 PM. Nina learned how to make healthy desserts like sugar free Jello, nice cream, and vegan cookies. In that regard, we enjoy a little cheat stuff here and there, but not to excess.

Now here’s the twist to my story: I’ve been doing this for about 4 months. I am down 20 lbs. You heard that right. I have only 30 to go and I will be at my high school weight.

And I will no doubt be able to fit into that amusement ride. I plan on taking Nina and I back to show her I can do it and give me the satisfaction of having done it.

What About Nina For Women?


Turns out, you should get a protein powder designed for women if you can. There is a small difference. Women, by and large, need less protein than men do.

Women’s protein powders are also more focused upon weight loss and contain ingredients that help you do this, whereas men are focused on bulking up and creating lean muscle mass.

There is actually no difference in the powders, but Nina did, in fact want to lose some weight, so I helped her choose a product that would get her there.

We ended up choosing FitMiss Chocolate Delight, and it was a great choice. It tasted great and Nina liked that the serving size was only 90 calories and had 16g protein.

This made it very easy to enjoy on a 1500 calorie a day diet. She could easily enjoy this shake and a couple eggs in the morning for a filling protein packed breakfast that kept her happy till about 2 PM each day, at which she would have a veggie burger and an apple until dinner.

She also testified to having a small serving of almonds in the afternoons during the train ride home, and then enjoying a light dinner plus dessert with me.

I Don’t Want to Buy 2…

No problem,  Like we said, there is a small difference, but not anything that’s going to turn a lady into a big bulky dude or anything like that. And gents, you won’t turn into your girlfriends. Protein powders are okay for everybody.

If you are a guy and you want one just for yourself, go with this one: MusclePharm Combat. I liked this one because it has 25g of protein and tastes great.

That being said, we liked the Protein Isolate by Transparent Labs. We both liked it and enjoyed how it kept us full and satisfied. This one was great for Nina, she enjoyed the 28g protein per serving.

She even was able to ditch her afternoon snack as she still felt satisfied using this shake. It was a real winner in that respect. It kept me feeling pretty good too. I’d definitely get it again.

Summing It Up On Why I Made My Choices With What I Picked Out For You.

Here’s the main takeaways for all of you just wanting me to get to the point.

  • A good protein powder is going to give you muscle recovery, greater energy, and prevent you from snacking mindlessly.
  • You should try to choose one for men and women, although it is not required.
  • You can mix in a healthy additive to your shake if your calorie needs call for it, like peanut butter or a banana.
  • You cannot treat the shake like a magic formula. The rest of your day needs to be protein, veggies, and light snacks. You can’t eat a slice of cake and claim immunity due to your shake.
  • Get your daily workout in. We do 1 hour, 30 minutes of weights and then 30 minutes of cardio.

You can do this. Put down the junk and just get your mind right. Get yourself equipped with a blender bottle and a protein shake like the ones we mentioned above.

Get to the gym and stop making excuses. I’m on the way to my high school weight, and Nina has already lost 15 lbs. of her own, too. We feel good and so can you! Best of luck.

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