Critical Bench Press Review: Pack On Muscles And Tone Your Body

While there are many resources available to help people lose weight, mostly due to the large impact that obesity has in the modern world, it is much harder to find a good program that can help you build muscle and gain weight.

Yet, there are a lot of men who feel too skinny and who would like to pack on some extra muscle mass, while also toning their body at the same time. Fortunately, there are a few resources that you can turn to if you want to achieve such a goal.

Read on to learn how I went from a 135-pound skinny dude to a 200-pound muscle-packed hunk in this Critical Bench Press review

Hi there. The name’s Steve, and you’re reading this article probably because you are looking for a way to increase your lean muscle mass, tone your body, and perhaps even to shed some extra fat that you might have gained in the past few years.

No worries – I was exactly where you are now just a few months ago. While many people tend to say losing weight is hard, I found that bulking up with lean muscle mass can be just as difficult.

Make one mistake, and you’ll end up gaining weight in fat, instead of muscle – then you are on your way to obesity instead of that alpha male body that you are dreaming of.

My story begins at a very early age – you see, I was always the skinniest one in the group of friends back in school. The trend continued when I moved on to high school and even in college. I was really small and slender – I remember some people asking me if I was old enough to be in college.

Yup, that was my life. While people are often bullied in school for being fat, many do not realize how tough it can be if you are the skinny one in the class.

While I was in college, I landed a waitressing job at a local restaurant. The pay was really bad, but I was able to buy a basic set of weights with my very first “salary” – or rather wages, if I may.

I felt motivated to gain muscle and to stop being the skinny one on the block. I started to lift those weights tirelessly, day-after-day. My muscles started to develop – I was so happy.

Unfortunately, even though I did build some muscle, I remained a really skinny guy with muscles that didn’t look ripped or toned. I felt devastated when I realized my efforts were not giving me the results I wanted. I remained the skinny one, now just with a couple of muscles – which I couldn’t really show off.

Years later, I was able to gain a little weight. One year ago I reached 135 pounds – but that wasn’t enough. For an adult aged 29, 135 pounds is quite low. I continued to exercise – to push those weights. I didn’t gain any significant weight, however.

Discovering A Single Program That Solves My Problems

Since I was unable to gain excess pounds in the form of muscle mass, I set out to discover ways in which I could turn my results around – and stop being the skinny guy, but to rather rock hard abs and an alpha male body.

I was faced with many programs and supplements, each claiming to be the best that there is on the market. It was quite hard – I tried out a few of these programs and even took some of the supplements. A couple hundred dollars later and I was still not impressed with the results I had achieved.

This led me to turn to some of my friends for help. I had a couple of friends who were ripped, but we never really talked about the fact that I’m so skinny – I was very self-conscious about my appearance at the time, especially compared to their bodies.

After asking around a bit, one of my friends told me that he was able to craft his perfect muscular body with the help of a very specific program – called the Critical Bench Program.

I started to do some research and soon discovered that this program has already helped thousands of men around the world achieve their goals in terms of bodybuilding and muscle growth.

What’s more – the program was also recently updated with bonus materials and some important changes that, as reported by the author, would maximize and speed up results.

I decided to give the program a try. At a once-off fee that was less than a single month’s subscription at my local gym, I didn’t really have a lot to lose.

I bought the program and started to follow the advice immediately – my weight quickly started to go up, and just a few months after, I have just crossed the 200-pound marker, and I truly look better than I have ever looked before.

The Critical Bench Program 2.0


Let’s get things straight – the Critical Bench Program 2.0 is not for those who are looking for a program that will help them build muscle with minimal effort.

The program requires effort, and it does take hard work – but I can tell you that if you decide to implement the advice that is offered to you in this program, then you WILL experience results that are better than you could have imagined.

The program consists of three main components, which include an ebook that describes the basics of muscle growth and guides you throughout the process of gaining muscle mass and getting rid of that skinny body.

Training logs also provide you with a range of exercises that you can easily follow while you are working out to help maximize your results while you are following the Critical Bench Press program.

The third component is a series of videos that you can easily watch on any device – play them on your laptop or tablet, or maybe copy them to a flash and plug them into your television. These videos are all practical and introduce you to effective techniques that should become part of your daily exercise routine to ensure you can gain muscle mass.

What’s Included In The Critical Bench Program 2.0?


The Critical Bench Program is not just a single document that will be sent to you after you buy the program. Instead, this is a package that includes a lot of bonus material that you will be able to utilize in order to help you achieve your goals – which is obviously to put on more lean muscle mass and to get ripped.

The most valuable material that comes included in the package would obviously be the Critical Bench Program 2.0 product. This is the main part of the package and contains everything that you need to know in order to help you put on weight – but in a healthy way to ensure you pack on muscle mass and not extra fat.

Apart from the main product that is included, you will also gain access to a number of additional products that you can utilize to extend your results further and to ensure you can get ripped and achieve that muscular body you have been dreaming of in a shorter period of time.

The added extra materials that come included in the Critical Bench Program 2.0 package consists of the following:

  • 80 Customized Training Logs
  • Critical Deload Routine
  • Critical Exercise Guide
  • Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors
  • Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD
  • The Creatine Report
  • Click here to see full details

The extra materials will help you understand the basics of bench presses, give you a comprehensive overview of exercises that you can start to follow, and even share with you some tips only known by experts in the fitness industry.

You will be sent the entire package, including these bonuses, as soon as you have successfully completed your purchase and paid for the program.

How Much Does The Critical Bench Program 2.0 Cost?

Consider this for a moment – a gym membership can cost hundreds of dollars. This doesn’t even include access to personal training, whom you have to pay by the hour.

All of this quickly adds up – but with the Critical Bench Program, you never have to worry about having to pay a personal trainer, and you don’t even need to sign up at the gym if you have a few pieces of equipment handy at home.

The package consists of the main program, along with additional bonus content. The main program is usually sold for $69.95, but the entire package is worth $334.90.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend this much to get access to the entire package – as the author has made the program, along with all the bonuses, available for a once-off fee of $47. There are no monthly subscription fees and no personal training to pay on an hourly basis to help you get ripped.

How To Get Your Hands On The Critical Bench Program 2.0?


It is really easy to get your hands on a copy of this program and to start following the valuable guidance and tips that the author has decided to share with all of his customers. Before you decide to buy the product, visit the Critical Bench Program 2.0 landing page.

Here, you will find detailed information about the guide – you’ll discover more about the author of the program and see what you should expect if you decide to make a purchase and follow the tips and guidance that will be provided to you in the guide.

If you are interested, simply hit the “Add to Cart” button, and you’ll be redirected to a checkout page.On the checkout page, you will need to enter your personal details – make sure you enter a correct email address as the package will be delivered to this email after you have completed the purchase.

The final step is to simply pay for the package – you can use any credit or debit card. The package will be sent directly to you with download links for the documents and videos that make up the Critical Bench Program.


I struggled to gain weight and muscle and to tone my body, for quite some time. In fact, these were problems that I struggled with for several years. Even with continued participation in weight training exercises, I was still unable to achieve my goals to increase my lean muscle mass and build bigger and bulkier muscles.

Fortunately, after discovering the Critical Bench Program 2.0, I quickly saw improvements in muscles throughout my body.

I continued to follow the program and went from a skinny 135-pound guy to weighing over 200 pounds in less than a year. If you are looking to bulk up, then take a good look at my Critical Bench Press review and see how this program can help you out, just like it helped me.

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