How to Lose 10kg in 1 Month Without Exercise?

Every year around this time, I would reflect back on the past few months in regret. It’s no secret that from October through the end of the year, we are subjected to a relentless holiday season that can offer much needed joy. The joy we often experience though tends to come with a price tag, all too often measured in kilograms.

Truth be told, most of us don’t need an excuse to indulge our sweet tooth with the endless parade of cookies, candies, baked goods, and various sweets headed our way.

This combined with a full schedule and limited down time is a recipe for horrifically quick weight gain. When we ring in the New Year, wouldn’t it be wonderful to know how to lose 10kg in 1 Month without exercise?

Hello, I’m Rebecca. Like you, I have been a victim of this vicious yearly cycle. Just like many of you, I have tried to ignore and justify the upward creeping of my scale as the years go by. In my day to day life I am a stay at home mother, and also do some housekeeping on the side as a way to supplement our family’s income.

Needless to say, neither of these paths have an inherent focus on keeping in shape, so it was easy to let things gradually slide. Last year, however, something happened that gave me a wakeup call and drastically changed my outlook.

I was out shopping with my children at a department store, when I briefly turned my attention to a store attendant to ask a question. To my dismay, when I turned back I found my 4-year-old son had set off on his own venture.

By the time I spotted him, he was nearing the entrance of the store and headed for the parking lot.As the worst scenarios began to play through my mind, I made a bolt for the door in an attempt to intercept him.

When I started to run, I realized immediately that I was in no shape to be doing so. In my haste and panic I barely made it 20 steps before I rolled my ankle and found myself sprawled out on the floor, hurt and helpless. Luckily, a fellow shopper observed the commotion came to my aid, reuniting me with my son.

Later as I reflected on the gravity of the earlier situation, I came to a decision that I would never again allow my lack of physical fitness to limit my ability to protect my kids. This is what led me to seek out a way to improve and maintain control over my weight without devoting long hours to working out, especially during the holidays.

What’s the Secret in losing 10kg in just one month?


My search led me to a break through program called the  Fat Decimator. This life changing program allows you to not only shed a significant amount of weight quickly, but to achieve results without exercising.

When you first hear this program was started by an ex-US Marine, it may be intimidating. However, Kyle Cooper’s focus is on methods that do not require break neck workout routines. While exercise is certainly a great way to improve your results, it is not absolutely necessary.

How Does it Work, can I really lose it?

The Fat Decimator program in a nut shell is:

  • Producing results in days
  • Scientifically supported
  • Detoxing and fasting
  • Short and intense exercises (beneficial, but optional)

When you dive into the program with a positive mindset and follow it through, you will see meaningful results.

Diet is Greater than Exercise

The first fact to realize about the Fat Decimator plan is that it focuses heavily on diet.This is because 80% of the battle to weight loss is diet, while exercise is just 20%.

What this means is that you will be able to realize great results without a heavy focus on physical exercise, as long as you stick to the right diet. This was crucial to my journey, as I was not able to devote large amounts of time to any sort of workout regimen while following the program.

Our Details of Dieting

The success of this dieting program is truly in the details. It has its founding in a strictly structured and military grade process that promotes consistent fat loss through a specific diet. When followed rigorously, it is not uncommon for people on the program to report losing 2-3 kg in the just the first week!

The reason it is able to achieve such drastic results is based around a diet that eliminates what is considered to be “bad foods” and limits you to “good foods.” Making this simple swap of bad with good allows your body to start its own cleaning process, eliminating undesirable substances.

While the body does this process on a regular basis, you will notice the difference on this diet because you are no longer putting the bad stuff in to begin with, allowing your body to catch up and stay ahead.

Successful outcomes through this program hinge entirely on how well you are following the rules laid out in the diet. It is designed to help you form a habit that will grant you lifelong weight loss potential. The closer you stick to the plan the better results you will see. Three main points that the Fat Decimator program relies on are:

  • Food low in carbs
  • Restricting calories
  • Strategic Fasting

Since it takes approximately 3 weeks to develop new habits, sticking to the program for just three weeks can put you on track for a lifetime of healthier living. While the initial change was difficult for me, the results that I experienced easily convinced me to stick to it and now it is like second nature.

Getting Started

The structure of the Fat Decimator program can be simplified into a four-step process. As you follow the steps, the restrictive diet switches your body into fat burning mode and encourages the use of excess body fat as fuel.

  1. This initial step is the one where people see the most drastic results, such as the 2-3 kg drop in one week. It starts with modifying your meals to be smaller and choosing vegetables and proteins from the list of allowed foods. Step 1 also begins to incorporate a small amount of fasting.
  2. In step 2, the focus on fasting is increased, in order to jumpstart the body’s fat burning engine. This step provides an alternate path as well, since hardcore fasting can be too difficult for some people, especially when first starting out.
  3. The next step is geared toward increasing the rate at which your body burns fat. This is done by eating foods that contain large amounts of “healthy” fats.
  4. In the last step, the key is calorie restriction. During this step, each person’s diet will tend to look a little bit different based on individual needs.

Keeping the Kilograms Away

Although initial results are important, and certainly feel great at the time, it is critical to hold onto the gains you make. Too many people are prone to completing a program or diet and then falling off the bandwagon back into the old habits that return them to where they started.

That is why the Fat Decimator program dedicates an entire section to how to maintain your progress after completing the first few weeks.

The focus of the post program guide is on determining your calorie intake and implementing regular exercise if you are able to. If you are able to make it through the first few weeks, then keeping your results is a much easier task than the initial weight loss steps I previously described.

How Did I Lose 10kg in under a month?

When I started the program, I did not have the time to incorporate much exercise. This meant that I followed the guide of allowable foods and the fasting schedule as closely as possible. I am happy to say that even without working out, I was able to shed my first 10 kg in less than a month!

Part way through the first few weeks, I did start making time to go on the occasional walk, but nothing too time consuming or intensive.

At the conclusion of the first few weeks, I felt amazing! The increased energy levels and overall better mood motivated me to keep following the advice of the Fat Decimator plan.

Once I had figured out and gotten used to the program, it simply became another part of my regular schedule. I planned my shopping based on the recommendations of the plan and got in the habit of following the meal schedule.

After a few months of success, I began to notice a significant difference in my overall health and my productivity during the day. I eventually was able to make time for short, but regular workout sessions. Most days this consists of a brisk 20-minute walk, and an occasional trip to the gym when I can.

The addition of physical activity does have added benefits that I have noticed, most significant is that I feel more energized as I start my day and am better able to sleep through the night.

You Can Do It Too!

So, in short, this is a proven method to help you lose weight by altering what and how you eat. If you don’t have the time to put in workouts, you can still achieve your goals. Over time, the addition of physical activity will enhance your experience and improve your quality of life.

I am convinced that since I was able to weather the first few weeks and achieve great results that you can too with the Fat Decimator!

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