Lose 10 Pounds Without Exercise?! Yes Please!

Here we are again, in the midst of another holiday season. Your office mates are bringing around cookies and candy…Let’s be honest, they’ve been doing that since Halloween.

Your favorite Christmas-themed products have made their way onto the grocery store shelves, and of course you have picked up a few peppermint-chocolate products to enjoy as a treat, maybe some eggnog to drink.

And the Christmas festivals have begun, complete with yummies such as kettle corn, fresh-made donuts, and candied nuts all for the taking. No wonder we want to lose 10 lbs. without exercise!

I know how you feel-happy to celebrate but overwhelmed at the toll this stuff is taking on your body. My name is Rebecca, and I would like to show you how I lost all that holiday weight last year and even kept it off. Yes, I still take time to enjoy the fun stuff!

I am a mom, a teacher, and a debate team coach. My life is always go, go, go, I never really worried about what I ate until I was hurt in a hiking accident and left unable to walk for a few months.

I was not able to go anywhere without the help of a scooter or crutches. My focus was on getting well again and still being there for my family and students. I did not care about what I ate.

So, the pounds piled on as I ate whatever while making sure to grade papers and prepare the kids with topics for debate.Finally, my boot that was keeping my foot safe and healed was removed, and I was cleared for walking and light physical activity.

I walked on the treadmill in my home, and used the small hand weights I’d acquired, but I just wasn’t working up a great sweat and did not want to agitate my foot even more.

I knew I had to figure something out. Thankfully, one of my debate team moms clued me in on a good product I’d like to share with you.

What’s the Deal?

The way I lost 10 LBS without exercise is called Fat Decimator. First, we will start with a brief overview of the product.

The program was started by an ex-US Marine, Kyle Cooper. At first, I was like, “I am a mom, nearly 45 years of age. I cannot train like a US Marine!” But I thought about what that mom had told me and kept reading.

Cooper actually spoke with a doctor by the name of Sam Pak who explained that as we get older we have to work out differently.

We cannot work out the same way we did when we were younger-in fact, that can be more detrimental than good. That’s what the Fat Decimator system is all about-helping all us older adults get to a good place.

Visit the Fat Decimator Website

How can you lose 10 pounds?

The basics of the Fat Decimator Diet are as follows:

  • You use intermittent fasting and detox
  • The results are scientifically supported
  • You get results in just days
  • It is short, highly intense exercise

One thing I would like you to note is that this diet is not good for vegans-so look elsewhere if you follow that lifestyle.

You also have to get your mind right when it comes to this program. In fact, the three main components are:

  • Diet
  • Exercise (you just need 3 sessions for 20 minutes a week)
  • Having a good mindset (believing is achieving!)

Diet Is Important, But So Is Exercise

The bulk of this program spends its time talking about diet. I wasn’t surprised. After all, 80% of losing weight is diet, and the other 20% is working out.

That being said, you do not have to do endless hours of awful cardio, like most imagine when they think of losing weight. This program gives you an alternative to all that.And if you want the truth, I mostly just followed the diet program.

I didn’t really have the time to work out thanks to my job and debate team/family obligations, so I just did what walking I could on my lunch breaks and ate the right foods. And you know what? The pounds did come off-and then some! (More on that later).

What Is the Diet Like?

The reason it works is because of the strict nature of the diet program. It is a military-tested program that helps you attain a steady state of fat loss, by way of modifying your diet.

This program is so intense that the mother I spoke to said she lost 5 lbs in her first week alone. I thought she was exaggerating, but she was not. This program really cleans out your body and gets you back on track with eating only good, wholesome foods.

So, when you replace the good with the bad, the body is more or less cleaning itself out and getting rid of all the yucky stuff that stays behind.

It is critical that you follow the program and eat exactly what it is they tell you to, because you want to get those results. Another thing you must know is that it takes about 3 weeks-21 days-for a new habit to form and stick.

So, if you can do this thing for just three short weeks of your life-you can do this, and you will want to do it for LIFE. And boy, will you ever lose weight.

The more I followed the diet, the more I was able to see it was based on three points:

  • Fasting
  • Calorie restriction
  • Low carb foods

Now, do not get worried when you see this. You will not feel hungry or deprived. I repeat: YOU WILL NOT FEEL HUNGRY OR DEPRIVED.

Sure, you see the co-workers taking slices of birthday cake and chomping down, but is that sugar bomb really worth it? All you’re going to feel is bad if you eat it, it’s not worth the momentary high.

How Can I Start?

This diet is broken down into four stages. It is very easy to get started. The stuff you eat more or less helps you burn up your fat as extra fuel.

The first phase of the diet is the one where you can actually lose 5-10 lbs at the start. You just eat a few small meals of proteins and veggies from a big list of foods and eat during a certain time in the day. If you’re not used to fasting, you might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it.

In Phase 2, you amp up the fasting once more. There is an alternative available if this fast becomes too difficult to manage. (No shame in that-everyone is different).

In Phase 3, you will consume foods high in fat. The healthy fats you eat accelerate weight loss, according to Kyle. This sets you up for the final stage of this program.

In Phase 4, you will restrict calories based upon your body’s own needs. Your diet will look more varied than it did in Phase 3.

Yeah, this is tough. But sticking with it will mean great results.

Holding onto Those Results

We all have heard of those people who completed a diet and then just let it fall by the wayside, letting all their good work go to pot. There is a whole section in Fat Decimator that shows you how to keep that weight from returning.

If you stuck with that diet for 21 days, then you will already have half the work done-attitude is everything and doing the right thing by having the right mindset will ensure that pesky weight doesn’t return.

There is a helpful guide about how to keep your body looking lean and fit after you’ve hit that goal weight.

It details how you should exercise and what calorie intake should look like after you hit day 22. The good news is that maintenance is a lot easier than weight loss in the first place.

What Did I Do?

To sum it up, I just ate the recommended foods and walked when I could. This enabled me to lose 11 pounds total over the course of the 21 days. I lost 1 lb more than what I had packed on while sitting idle during my broken foot. I was certainly very happy!

I kept eating at maintenance. I feel a lot better about what I am putting into my body and have more energy for the day. I can go all day long. I also meal prep things to eat for the week on Sunday nights, and start off my day with a good protein shake so I am not hungry until lunch time.

I modified my schedule to fit the workouts in. I began going to my local gym early before school starts so that I get those 20-30-minute workouts in.

And some days, I just hop on the exercise bike and listen to music. It’s just important to get some physical activity.

Another thing I did was get my mind right. I told myself to just deal with it for 21 days. I admit I started this thinking it was going to be hell on earth for the next three weeks.

Not at all-in fact, it was just slightly uncomfortable when fasting. I just dealt with it and it got better. I told myself I had to do it to feel good and healthy, and it pushed me through.

Do I Recommend It?


You don’t need to work-out to lose weight, and this program proves it. You SHOULD do your best to make that sacrifice and work out even if it means getting up early.

You can work out right at home, too. Do it during a TV show or after the kids go to bed. And stick with it. It’s just 21 days that will launch you into a better and more productive lifestyle.

Click Here To Learn More About The Fat Decimator Program (It’s really good)

Good luck!

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